Mr. Austin Prakash, the founder of Fitness Club, Bangalore, has informed me that he is engaged in spreading the Muay Thai culture in India through establishments which teach Muay Thai on a commercial basis. I am certain that many Indians would also like to experience and learn the sport and culture of Muay Thai.
Anil Wadhwa

India Ambassador to Thailand

First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr. Austin (AP) and the FFC fight team for training, encouraging and giving me the opportunity to fight on both domestic and International platform. I have never in my wildest dream thought that this would have been possible for me.
Murali Manohar

DELL India, Bangalore

A typical muscle gym is very boring and involves just doing the same repetitive movements over and again. I have been to mixed martial gym’s internationally and super excited to have Fitness Fight Club in Bangalore. I am looking forward to training with international trainers in the gym and most importantly fighting to stay fit.
Nithin Kamath

CEO, Zerodha

As far as I can go back to my childhood, I have always been an active athlete. Having spent two weeks in FFC, its founder Mr. Austin provided me with just what I believe in: staying fit and having fun! I will be looking forward to my next business trip to India and to Fitness Fight Club!!!
Sheemain Zaman

COO, Standard Chartered

Akhila Seetharaman

Member @Fitness Fight Club


Member @Fitness Fight Club

Chris Bill Edwards

Member @Fitness Fight Club

Kanika Pandey

Member @Fitness Fight Club